Ebb Tide

Ebb Tide

While helping my Mom go through some old scrapbooks, I read about the tsunami that hit Hilo, Hawaii in 1946. At the time my Mom lived on Oahu but remembers reading about it. Her most memorable memory was of all the locals who saw the water rush out of the bay. Many ran out to scavenge from the sea floor. When the water rushed back in, they all drowned. Fast forward to 1987. On a tour of the former Yugoslavia, one of our excursions was to the island of Rab where we went swimming in the Adriatica. While trying to take a photo of the sunlight on the water, I inadvertently took a photo of the sea bed. Marry these 2 memories and you have Ebb Tide, the name of one of my favorite songs from the 60’s.

Personal Challenge

Render the texture/color of the sand on the sea floor and use many items from my amazing collection.

SIZE 8 5/16” x 10 9/16”


Surface embroidery stitches, added embellishments

Created 2019
2019 Textile Art Group Exhibit Winds Café Yellow Springs Ohio