Mistress of Spices

Mistress of Spices

Sometimes when I’m working I’ll be struck by two or more colors of beads lying side by side.  I’ll get excited and lay them aside and wait for a name or idea inspiration to tell me the rest of the color scheme.  Those platinum and brown metal beads sat for a long time while I mulled over earthy themes, but nothing really came together.  Not until the day I had to drag out an old piece of foam core to work on and there it was – Mistress of Spices by Chitra Bannerjee.  I have the habit of taking notes on my foam core and they’re usually full of book titles, phone numbers and names of people.  I immediately read the book, loved it except for the end, and there it all was.  The color of spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, coriander, turmeric, paprika.  Throw in some blue/black for the hair and the idea was complete.  The fringe is my own invention, an adaptation of a daisy chain structure.  I wanted the fringe to have texture as well as color like the ropes of spices found in old world markets or resembling the clove necklaces we all wore in the 70’s.

SIZE          15′ x 4 ½’


February 2000 created

Premiered at NY Bead Society lecture

July 2000    Fashion Show Luncheon Embellishment 2000 Portland Or

July 2000    Postcard for Phoenix Rising