Stained Glass

Stained Glass Window

My chapter of Virtual Threads, an online group from the Embroidery Association of Canada – EAC – decided to do a group project for the National Seminar Challenge in 2019. The theme selected was windows. In a former lifetime – as I say – I owned a stained glass studio and the inspiration for this piece is an antique window I restored that is now living in our upstairs bathroom. It’s rendered in a different proportion to fit the size criteria and stitched in blackwork, a counted technique.

Personal Challenge

Figuring out the patterns for each section and counting…not my best skill.

SIZE 8” x 10” framed


Blackwork counted thread, surface embroidery, added embellishments

Created 2019
2019 Exhibited in Victoria BC Canada EAC Nat’l Seminar
2019 Textile Art Group exhibit winds Café Yellow Springs