Four Corners

Four Corners

One can’t help being mesmerized by the colors and grandeur of the four corners area of the southwest. Once again there was a miniature show for which I needed items. I do work in series when making miniatures. The pieces were designed around using the charms and metalwork dangle. The background was painted using water color powder in a spray bottle.

Personal Challenge

Select 3 good spots from the painted fabric to show off the charms. Use minimal stitching to enhance the feel of the area.

SIZE “2 x 3”  “ 2 x 3”  “2 x 2 1/2” unframed, come with a display easel


Spray water color background, surface embroidery stitches, added embellishments

Created 2016
2017 Would You Could You in a Frame miniature show Yellow Springs
2017 Textile Art Group Exhibit Winds Café Yellow Springs
2019  Textile Art Group Exhibit  Winds Café Yellow Springs